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AZOMITE’s truly unique composition re-mineralizes soil and feeds plants

It is an exciting time in agriculture and the world of bio-nutrients, fertilizers, and soil amendments. We’ve seen a growing focus on soil health in both the organic and conventional markets. And the need to boost crop yields, enhance grade-out of specialty crops, and boost crop quality is increasing. Growers are also utilizing product applications to the soil, with fertigation, and by foliar feeding nutrients. With our truly unique composition, AZOMITE® provides potassium, calcium, and magnesium to help re-mineralize the soil. These nutrients can play an important role in helping to develop rich, fertile soil, providing crops with what they need to grow at their optimum level.


Azomite comes in five grades – click here to learn about them.


While AZOMITE was created 38 million years ago when a volcano erupted, the resulting volcanic ash deposit was only discovered in the 1940’s.  Since then we have been performing field and greenhouse research to help optimize its uses and application methods. So please take a look at our Research section, where we have tested AZOMITE on a variety of crops, soil types, application methods, and locations.

Our Product Line

AZOMITE is a natural volcanic ash deposit which is rich in minerals. It is labelled primarily as a fertilizer for potassium, calcium, and magnesium. At the mine we blast and initially crush the rock, then transport it to our nearby production plant. There we crush, granulate, and pelletize it for different application methods. We have Pelletized, Granulated, Field Grade, Micronized, and Ultrafine grades available for purchase and use in agriculture. You can read about the different uses and advantages for each of our grades on the Products page. And of course, if you have any questions or would like a sample, please contact us using the contact form below.


Micronized is a powder with flour-like consistency, where 90% of the particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen. Micronized is ideal for blending in potting soil, or adding to compost. It can also be used in fertigation systems or in foliar sprayers noting the same precautions and conditions for use in the description of Ultrafine above.

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Field Grade

Field Grade mimics a coarse sand. Particle sizes range from 1/8” to powder. Field Grade is ideal for use in potting soils or as an additive when composting and blending with other products.

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Granulated is pan-granulated into easy-to-handle and apply granules similar to standard granulated fertilizer (with an SGN of about 100 – 320). It has only a modest amount of dust. Applied to the soil, granules will break down over a week or two as they receive rainfall or irrigation.

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This product is formed as an extruded pellet, so it is easy to handle and apply. It is quite dusty. These pellets will break down into powder when they come into contact with moisture or water, so they will start working right away.

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