Foliar Application

While AZOMITE® works through the root system, some growers add small amounts of AZOMITE® to foliar spays. Micronized AZOMITE® will suspend in liquid with agitation. With a -200 mesh particle size, respectively, this powder can be added to a fertilizer solution. We recommend doing a jar test to ensure the right ratio of AZOMITE® to liquid.  When adding AZOMITE® to drip systems or spray equipment applications, please contact your AZOMITE® representative for specific application tips.

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Available as

  • Single Bag: 44 lb.
  • Pallets: 50, 44lb. bags
  • Truckloads: 21 pallets
  • Totes by Weight: 1.0 tons


AZOMITE® has a low salt index, so it won’t burn plants even if applied at a higher rate.

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