Making hay with AZOMITE®

AZOMITE® feeds your soil and your crops:

  • Provides important minerals to help build your soil’s health and productivity.
  • Improves soil-water infiltration from rain and irrigation to boost soil-nutrient utilization and plant uptake.
  • Nourishes the soil microbial life (microbiome) to increase populations and diversity.
  • Helps to build strong, deeper root systems to maximize plant uptake of nutrients and water for optimized plant growth.
  • Boosts yields and quality, giving you higher ROI on your harvests.
  • Helps get new seedings off to a great start, to help out-compete weeds and build yield for the first cutting.
  • Provides nutrients to sustain overwintering.
  • Can be used in soil applications, seed treatments, transplant solutions, foliar feeding, along with drip, trickle, and other irrigation system applications. 

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