Welcome Ysidro Munoz to our growing team.

The team at AZOMITE Mineral Products warmly welcomes Mr. Ysidro Munoz to our company’s growing Soil Products Division. In the role of Senior Sales Consultant, Mr. Munoz will be fostering new customer relationships and will liaise directly with growers and distributors within North America. He is the go-to guy for developing growth programs and product trials.

Mr. Ysidro Munoz

“I am excited to join the AZOMITE team because there is great opportunity to infuse important, sustainable methods into the agriculture world. The idea that a product is mined directly from a natural source that can sustainably support soil health is extremely appealing to me”. 

Mr. Munoz has extensive practice in sustainable farming and ranch management and is well-versed at implementing complex agricultural programs in plant and soil fertilization.

Our Product Line

AZOMITE is a natural deposit, which we blast and mine, and crush, granulate, and pelletize it for different application methods. We have Pelletized, Granulated, Field Grade, Micronized, and Ultrafine—all AZOMITE. You can read about the different uses and advantages for each of our grades on the Products page. And of course, if you have any questions or would like a sample, please contact us using the contact form below.


Micronized is a powder with flour-like consistency, where 90% of particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen. Micronized is ideal for blending in soil or applying directly when planting.

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Field Grade

Field Grade mimics a coarse sand. Particle sizes range from 1/8” to powder for both rapid and longer-term results. Field Grade is designed for composting and blending with other products in application.

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Granulated is agglomerated into easy-to-handle granules with only a modest amount of dust. Applied to the soil, granules will break down over a week or two once irrigation hits.

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Formed as an extruded pellet, Pelletized is easy to handle and apply. These pellets will break down to powder immediately when moisture hits it, so it will start working right away.

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