A research farm in central Pennsylvania tested their standard soybean fertilizer program (no fertilizer), compared to two rates of granular AZOMITE fertilizer broadcast 10 days after planting the Stine 25LH62 soybeans on May 20, 2016. The AZOMITE was applied May 30, 2016, by a broadcast spreader at two rates of 150 lbs/ac and 300 lbs/ac. Four replications of the three treatments in randomized plots were laid out in plots 15 ft x 100 ft long.

Benefit at a glance:

  • Soybean protein content was 4.3 percentage points higher in the AZOMITE treated plots
  • Soybeans in the AZOMITE treated plots were higher in 13 elements, and silicon levels were twice as high as the untreated plots.
  • Tissue tests showed a 0.37% increase in nitrogen in the 300 lb/ac rate, over the untreated plots, and calcium levels in the grain were 9.7% higher in the AZOMITE treated plots.
  • Grain moisture was the same in all plots.

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