Top Dressing

Using AZOMITE in starter fertilizer is a great way to get the product close the plants—and the roots—where it can have the most benefit. Any of the five grades will work for top dressing: Ultrafine, Micronized, Field Grade, Granulated or Pelletized. When deciding which grade will work for you, keep in mind size, amount of dust, and any mechanisms that AZOMITE will need to pass through. We are happy to help you determine what grade is right for your situation.

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Quantities Available

  • Single Bag: 44 lb.
  • Pallets: 50, 44lb. bags
  • Truckloads: 21 pallets
  • Totes by Weight: 1.o tons
  • Bulk Truckloads: >21 tons
  • Bulk Railcars: Call for details


Because AZOMITE is a naturally occurring material, there isn’t a problem with it leaching out of the soil. While we recommend applying AZOMITE once per growing season, irrigation isn’t going to wash it away.

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