Drip Trickle Irrigation

Drip or trickle irrigation gets water directly to the roots. Incorporating Ultrafine or even Micronized AZOMITE powders into the system is an effective way to get the product right where it needs to be: in the soil or growing media near the roots. Be sure that you have agitation to keep the AZOMITE suspended, and do a jar test to ensure the right ratio so tubing and emitters don’t get clogged.

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Quantities Available:

  • Single Bag: 44 lb.
  • Pallets: 50, 44lb. bags
  • Truckloads: 21 pallets
  • Totes by Weight: 1.o tons
  • Bulk Truckloads: >21 tons
  • Bulk Railcars: Call for details


Micronized powder is sized down where 90% of particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen. Ultrafine goes even further, sized where 90% of particles will go through of 450-mesh screen. Remember, AZOMITE is not water-soluble but it does suspend. A little agitation will keep AZOMITE afloat.

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