Potato Study

Potato farmers in Cerro Punta Volcán, Chiriquí, Panama, added AZOMITE® to a 12-24 12 NPK fertilizer program in quantities of 53 lb/ac and 71 lb/ac and compared yields to a control field using solely NPK for 28 days. The results showed a favorable cost benefit via an increase in salable yield with AZOMITE®.



Benefits at a glance:

  • Seeding April 14, fertilized May 6 with 12-24-12 NPK formula and AZOMITE.
  • AZOMITE® treatment applied at a rate of 71 lb/ac 53 lb/ac compared to the control
  • AZOMITE® treated plots rated a 12.66 cost benefit i.e. the value of the additional salable potato yield was compared favorably to the cost of AZOMITE®.