Soybean Study

A research farm in central Pennsylvania tested their standard soybean fertilizer program (no fertilizer), compared to two rates of granular AZOMITE® fertilizer broadcast 10 days after planting the Stine 25LH62 soybeans on May 20, 2016. The AZOMITE® was applied May 30, 2016, by a broadcast spreader at two rates of 150 lbs/ac and 300 lbs/ac. Four replications of the three treatments in randomized plots were laid out in plots 15 ft x 100 ft long.

Benefit at a glance:

  • Soybean protein content was 4.3 percentage points higher in the AZOMITE® treated plots
  • Soybeans in the AZOMITE® treated plots were higher in 13 elements, and silicon levels were twice as high as the untreated plots.
  • Tissue tests showed a 0.37% increase in nitrogen in the 300 lb/ac rate, over the untreated plots, and calcium levels in the grain were 9.7% higher in the AZOMITE® treated plots.
  • Grain moisture was the same in all plots.