Observational Spotlights

Check out these field observations submitted by AZOMITE customers and affiliates.

Canary Island Grape Trial

AZOMITE® was placed on one half of a vineyard that was to be cut down and replanted because the previous years’ plants had low flower yields. AZOMITE® was applied to both the soil and sprayed on the leaves and vines.

Study Conclusion:

• The vines grown with AZOMITE® are larger, produced more flowers, larger grapes and more vital leaves.

Murcott Orange Trees on Rough Lemon Rootstock

Researcher reports that this study was designed to test the effects of heavier treatments of AZOMITE®. Decline trees received 15 pounds of AZOMITE® spread by hand within the drip line and raked in by hand. Healthy trees received 10 pounds of AZOMITE® applied in the same manner. Researcher reported all healthy trees remained healthy and 22 of the 25 decline-affected trees showed almost complete recovery.

Sugar Cane Trial

Per the Assembagus Sucarcane Trial held in April of 2005 in Java Indonesia, soil treatment with AZOMITE® resulted in increased stalks for each plant. The control plants, originally displaying sparse growth, exhibited overall heavier growth via AZOMITE® soil treatment. 

The effect of AZOMITE® on essential mineral elements in vine leaves

A test conducted at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing, concluded that AZOMITE® application could increase the levels of the essential mineral elements in vine leaves resulting in much stronger and healthier vines and overall improved plant health. Chinese Journal full-text version with citations available here »

Valencia Orange Trees on Rough Lemon Rootstock

Researcher reports all treated trees had an annual application of 4 to 5 pounds of AZOMITE® for a four-year period.

Researcher reported that the owner pulled all trees that appeared decline-affected, including about 135 AZOMITE® treated trees that the researcher believed had started to recover, concluding a 22% decline decrease in the AZOMITE® treated trees compared to a 76% decline increase in the control trees.

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