Tomato Study

AZOMITE® GRANULATED AND ULTRAFINE were applied to greenhouse Century tomatoes for a plant growth, yield, nutrient quality, and microbiome analysis study by i-Cultiver, headed by Dr. Rajnish Khanna, in Albany, CA. The leading brand of potting soil was fortified with 5% by weight dehydrated poultry manure for all treatments and the control. AZOMITE® was then added according to the following chart to comprise the three treatments of Granulated alone (5% by weight at seeding and again at transplant), Ultrafine alone (4.5 grams/plant/month in a drip irrigation) and Granulated plus Ultrafine (same rates). There were 10 plants in each treatment, which were rotated on the benches to reduce any pot placement affects. Extensive testing of numerous characteristics and metrics was done.




Accredited research and customer testimony report that AZOMITE® can:

  • Increase crop yield, grade out and quality
  • Improve color and quality in turf and ornamentals
  • Increase nutrient availability in the soil and uptake in plants
  • Improve a plant’s natural ability to handle stress, while increasing capacity to withstand drought and temperature fluctuations.
  • Be used alone or blended with other fertilizers any time of year, with any application method.