Soil Blends

If you are making soil blends, adding Field Grade AZOMITE® is an ideal choice. With a variety of particle sizes from fine powders to 1/8”-minus, Field Grade is easy to handle, moderate dust, and is our lowest cost of all the grades we offer. We recommend using 7-10 pounds per ton of soil.

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Quantities Available:

  • Single Bag: 44 lb.
  • Pallets: 50, 44lb. bags
  • Truckloads: 21 pallets
  • Totes by Weight: 1.0 tons
  • Bulk Truckloads: >21 tons
  • Bulk Railcars: Call for details


Field Grade is similar to coarse sand with some fines. It’s the basic grind of AZOMITE® after we bring it out of the mine.

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